June 30, 2023 – Speaker: Greg Sage


• Presentation: Having Success with LIvebearers: Specifics of LIvebearer Husbandry

• Speaker: Greg Sage

• Greg Sage BM., MEd., has written for "Livebearers", the Journal of the American Livebearer Association. He also led the ALA as chairman for 2 terms, from 2000 to 2004. He has also written articles on Livebearers, Livebearer Husbandry, Selective Breeding, setting up Fishrooms and automatic water changing systems for numerous club publications. Since 2008 he has also spent a few days a week as a visiting researcher, assisting Limia research at the Fish lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder, in association with Dr. Alex Cruz. He is also the owner of Select Aquatics of Erie, Colorado, a licensed wholesale and  retail seller of Tropical Fish.

Speaking to clubs since 2000, he has spoken at conventions and Fish shows throughout the country, particularly since the start of Select Aquatics in 2009.

A fish geek since middle school, a bedroom of 10 tanks of guppies is now a 120 tank fishroom breeding large numbers of many rare and difficult to obtain species of livebearers, as well as some barbs and catfish, so they can be better understood and maintained in the hobby.

Each fairly fast paced talk takes between 60 and 75 minutes, with questions afterwards. Numerous photographs and videos throughout the talks present everything clearly in an informal but informational presentation.

Formerly a touring musician (Trumpet) that performed for many years from both the East  and West Coasts, Greg still plays daily and performs regularly in the Denver, Colorado area.

Meeting Location:

Crafton Volunteer Fire Department
8 Stotz Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Doors open at 6:30 PM; meeting starts at 7:30 PM

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