GPASI Spring Auction – April 28th, 2024

Registration opens: 9:30am |
Auction begins: 11:00am |

Location: Garden City Banquet Hall |
Monroeville VFD Station #6 |
600 Garden City Dr |
Monroeville, PA 15146 |

Auction Rules

• Registration for both Buyers and Sellers begins at 9:30am. Registration for Sellers ends at 1pm.

• Auction begins at 11am.

• Bids will be in dollar increments.

• $3 EXPRESS BIDS: After 1pm, buyers/sellers may pay a $3 cash fee to have the item auctioned off immediately during the auction. NAR (New & Rare) items are excluded from Express Bids.

• Any items not claimed or left behind become property of GPASI.

• NO PRIVATE SALES. NO RESALE OF PURCHASED AUCTION ITEMS. PLEASE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE BIDDING ON BEFORE BIDDING AS ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Buyer Beware. GPASI does not guarantee any item and is not responsible for any loss or accidents.

• GPASI reserves the right to refuse sale of obviously sick/deformed fish, fish that are too small/young, or fish regulated by the state of PA.

Seller Rules

• All sellers MUST register BEFORE taking your items to the “Check In” tables.

• A 4 (FOUR) Color dot system will be used to assure a fair mix of different items. Red Table is first, order of other tables is randomly selected.

• For Members, split is 75% to the seller and 25% to GPASI. For Non-Members, split is 70% to the seller and 30% to GPASI. For bags that sell for $1, the split is 0% seller, 100% GPASI.

• Auction items may consist of Fish, Plants, Invertebrates, along with New and Used Dry Goods. No open or expired chemicals or medications are permitted. All Equipment should be labeled as to its conditions (Example: New, Used, Works, Noisy, Leaks, Etc.).

• Bags and items are to be labeled with an alpha numeric numbering system (ex. ABC 01, ABC 02).

• The seller chooses the 3 letters and bags are numbered in ascending sequence. Please ASK the registration table if your 3 Letter seller code has already been taken.

• All bags containing water MUST BE DOUBLE BAGGED and be fairly firm, no exceptions. Strongly recommend that the second bag be placed in the opposite direction, to help eliminate corners and pinch points that trap fish.

• All mature cichlids over 3 inches are to be bagged separately, to help avoid aggression during transport.

• All bags MUST HAVE A LABEL, either printed or neatly hand-written. No bags will be accepted that use sharpie or magic markers directly on the bag as a label. NO EXCEPTIONS. Label can be placed between bags to avoid water damage, or covered with clear tape.
• Labels MUST be marked CLEARLY with the following:

  • Bag Number (ex: ABC-01),
  • Your Name (separately from an email address),
  • Phone Number or Email Address,
  • Scientific name of Fish,
  • Common Name (if applicable), and
  • actual number of fish in bag.


• Sellers MUST bring items to be auctioned off to the “Check In” tables. Do not place bags and items on any colored tables directly, auction staff will do so. Any issues spotted will be addressed at this time.

• Sellers are limited (per household) to 5 HARD GOOD items, either individual or combos (Example: tank, filter, light, stand, tank/• stand/light combo would be considered 5 items). This will be enforced! Extra items will NOT be sold.

• Sellers are limited (per household) to 5 BAGS OF ANY SPECIES OR COLOR/FIN TYPE OR ITEM TYPE. This will be enforced! Extra bags/items will NOT be sold.

• Appropriate terminology:

  • PAIR = 1 male, 1 female of same species,
  • MATED PAIR = pair that has spawned,
  • TRIO = 1 male, 2 females of same species,
  • REVERSE TRIO = 2 males, 1 female of same species.

• All fish MUST be housed in suitable bags/buckets. NO Ziplocs, Baggies, twist ties, zip ties, or buckets without lids. Bags should be appropriately filled and inflated. Large fish should be bucketed with a lid, to prevent spillage.

• $3 RE-BAGGING FEE - for fish improperly bagged or bags that leak and need to be re-bagged during the auction.

• Sellers may not remove items placed in the auction after they have been checked in.

• Seller’s proceed check will be mailed to the address given to GPASI at the registration table, usually about 2 weeks after the auction.

Bidder Rules

• All Bidders wishing to set up a Tab MUST register. A valid driver’s license or acceptable photo ID is required to be held by GPASI, until the Tab is paid in full.

• You will be given a Bidder Number, which must be written on every winning item slip, and initialed by the Bidder.

• If you are paying cash when winning each item, there is no need to register for a Tab and Bidder Number. (You can still fill a registration form out to ensure that you get notification for future auction events.)

• Accounts must be paid in full before you leave the auction. PAYMENT OPTIONS - Cash, Check, or Credit Card. GPASI reserves the right to refuse a check for any reason. $50 fee for bounced checks.

• Should a Bidder leave the Auction without paying for their Tab, GPASI reserves to right to recover said charges, up to and including, court costs, lawyer fees, and legal prosecution. This information will be shared with other clubs.
• When checking out, please make sure you have your ID before leaving.

As a reminder, aquatic invasive species that are banned in Pennsylvania will not be permitted at the auction. For more information and a list of these species, please visit