December 1, 2023 – Speaker: Cameron Laufman


• Presentation: Good Enough Fish For Anyone: The Other Siluriformes

• Speaker: Cameron Laufman

Bio: Attracted to the rare and exotic from the start, I promptly got into the world of oddball Catfish after I began keeping fish and never looked back. An Indiana native, I kept fish for many years in the harder waters of the Midwest, with a focus on the stranger things, especially Siluriformes, that would come through my local fish store. After graduating from Purdue in 2016 with a degree in Fisheries & Aquatic Science, I was recruited to move out west to Portland, Oregon to work at The Wet Spot Tropical Fish and manage their retail location, while caring for and maintaining not only their wide selection of fish, but my own ever-expanding personal collection as well. Currently, I work in a consultant role for The Wet Spot and maintain over a hundred species of fish, with the goal of maintaining and breeding as many Catfish as I can, as well as spreading awareness of the many wonderful and obscure fish that occur in the aquarium hobby.

  • Presentation Overview: Cameron will be taking a closer look at the group of Catfish as a whole, but with a special focus on some of the less commonly kept families from around the globe (especially some of the truly exotic and beautiful) both big and small. Conservation and advice on keeping these wonderful creatures is included therein, along with what types of tanks can best house these beasts.

Meeting Location:

Crafton Volunteer Fire Department
8 Stotz Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Doors open at 6:30 PM; meeting starts at 7:30 PM

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