WELCOME to the GPASI Breeders Award Program (BAP) – Initiated in April 1976, this BAP has become known as one of the country’s most highly respected and prestigious among aquarium societies today. On this page you can find the resources to participate in the BAP and the current status of participants in the BAP.


Guidance and a program overview are included in the Breeders Award Program handbook. To get credit for a successful spawn, breeders should complete a spawning report and select one of the several methods of verification and participation. The current annual points standings for breeders and most recent successful spawns are shown below.


BAP Submissions – January 2023

Ancistrus sp
Aspidoras sp CW126
Corydoras cruziensis
Danio margaritatus
Epiplatys roloffi
Hemichromis exsul
Julidochromis marlieri
Lamprologus ocellatus
Melanotaenia ajamaruensis
Melanotaenia pygmaea
Neolamprologus multifasciatus
Pachypanchax playfairi
Pelvicachromis pulcher
Pethia padamya
Poecilia reticulata
Poecilia salvatoris
Xiphophorus maculatus
Xiphophorus helleri

BAP Point Standings – 2023

Current as of January 27, 2023 
Eric Bodrock – 30
Regina Spotti – 30
Geoff Humes – 25
Joe Doyle – 20
Cheryl Petrochko – 20
Jim Felix – 15
Donald Lewis – 15
Charles Bialon – 10
Zac Legler – 10
Bob Christian – 5
Grace Christian – 5
Darlene Madarish – 5