April 29, 2022 – Speaker: Gary Hater

Speaker: Gary Hater

Gary Hater is a former professional biologist with a bachelors and a master’s degree. His professional career was in the environmental field and centered around water quality, air quality, bioremediation, research and development, and waste water treatment.
Gary started in the aquarium hobby in the mid 1960’s and slowly moved into goldfish in the 1980’s after breeding livebearers, South American and African Cichlids. Over years he has bred over twenty varieties of goldfish and has maintained several rare lines for decades. These rare lines include Philadelphia Veiltails, English Veiltails, Bristol Shubunkins, top view Ranchu, and Broadtail Moors. His hobby is best described as very large with 80-90 indoors tanks and tubs and numerous (>15) outdoor ponds and seasonal tubs.
He was the first President and founding member of The Goldfish Council. Other interests include fishing, Chestnut farming, bee keeping, gardening and koi keeping. Gary has been retired for almost seven years. Married for almost 50 years and works part time doing commercial Chestnut Research.

Meeting Location:

Crafton Volunteer Fire Department
8 Stotz Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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