April 19, 2024 – Jacob Waters

• Speaker: Jacob Waters

• Presentation: Competitive Shrimp Keeping

•Presentation Overview: This talk goes over what it takes to keep and breed high grade Caridina shrimp for competition, Tank
setups, and selective breeding and how to transport them to and from competitions.

Bio: My name is Jacob Waters and I have been keeping freshwater shrimp for 6 years and focusing primarily on Caridina shrimp for the last 4 years with a couple of lines that I have refined to a quality that is competition ready. I have kept Fish tanks on and off for over 30 years all the way back to my dad’s 110 tall he had with wild caught Discus when I was 5 years old. I have had several hobbies that have involved genetics over the years such as high-end saltwater clownfish breeding and breeding snakes but have found this hobby to be my favorite. I started getting serious about Caridina shrimp 4 years ago purchasing low grade Red Pinto Shrimp and Orange Eye Blue Tiger shrimp and after 4 years of dedicated work and culling I have refined them to some of the highest-grade US bred Red Snowflakes and Orange Eye Royal blue Tigers according to several judges at the US shrimp contests. I am such a shrimp nerd that I can talk about them for hours if you let me. I have 53 Shrimp only tanks currently with plans of expanding to 80 over the course of the next year or so.

Meeting Location:


Crafton Volunteer Fire Department
8 Stotz Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Doors open at 6:30 PM; meeting starts at 7:30 PM

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